How editors make decisions.

MR. ELINOFF: So, J. Peterman wants to hire some of our cartoonists to illustrate your catalog?

ELAINE: Well we’re hoping that if perhaps that the catalog is a little funnier,people won’t be so quick to return the clothes ha ha….For example.. I..I really do….Well I love this one

(Elaine shows him the cartoon)

MR. ELINOFF: Oh! yeah… That’s a rather clever jab at inter office politics don’t you think.

ELAINE: Ahan, Ahan….yeah…Euh but, Why is it that the, that the animals enjoy reading the email?

MR. ELINOFF: Well Miss Benes . Cartoons are like gossamer and one doesn’t dissect gossamer. heh..hemm..

ELAINE: Well you don’t have to dissect if you can just tell me. Why this is suppose to be funny?

MR. ELINOFF: Ha! It’s merely a commentary on contemporary mores. (slides the magazine to her)

ELAINE: But, what is the comment. (she slides the magazine back to him)

MR. ELINOFF: It’s a slice of life.

ELAINE: No it isn’t.


ELAINE: I don,t think so.

MR. ELINOFF: Volstein?

ELAINE: That’s not a word…..You have no idea what this means do you?


ELAINE: Then why did you print it.

MR. ELINOFF: I liked the kitty.

ELAINE: (gets up) You know what? you people should be ashamed of yourself, you know ya doodle a couple of bears at a cocktail party talking about the stock market. You think you’re doing comedy.

MR. ELINOFF: Actually that’s not bad..

ELAINE: Oh! really (laughs) well you know….. I have others.

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